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This article reflects a review of the best pocket camcorders on the market right now. In addition to that, you will also discover, highlight features of each device, the downsides to each camcorder or negative reviews if any, and overall what is the best pocket HD camcorder to buy. Ultimately, my goal is to give you inside peek at some of the coolest features of each camcorder. In this article, we will review the top pocket camcorders like the Sony HD bloggie, Flip Ultra HD Pocket Digital Camcorder, and the Kodak ZI8 Pocket Video HD Camcorder.

The best pocket camcorder review

This is a review for anyone looking to find the highest quality for the lowest price. If you type individual that likes to know what things can do before you purchase, then you should read this before you buy digital video cameras. There is nothing like capturing great memories in the midst of the moment, and a pocket camcorder is the portable piece of equipment that you can use for these spontaneous times. Below is an overview of the best pocket digital camcorders.

Sony HD bloggie review

There are only good things to be said good about the Sony bloggie camcorder. The camera is awesome; it is almost as if this camcorder was designed for simplicity and smooth ease-of-use. In addition to it being user-friendly, you can get premium image quality in all types of situations both indoor and out door. With a 2 1/2 inch LCD screen, this bad boy produces 1080P HD movies, and if you want to take a photo this is a five megapixel snap shooting machine. Much like all of the camcorders will be reviewing in this article the Sony bloggie is very portable. Ladies you can put in your purses, diocese will easily fit in a pocket of your dungarees or khakis. This digital camcorder is most likely the same size as most cell phones.

Positive Features -Sony HD bloggie camcorder

• HDMI plug-ins

• 8 GB SD card

• HD video camera with optical zoom

• compatible with PC and Mac

Conclusion on the Sony HD bloggie camcorder review-

This is a very great camcorder for its price, you great quality for the low amount that you pay in it even comes with the maintenance kit. This could be a great Christmas stocking stuffer.

The overall rating on the Sony HD bloggie is about a 7/10

Flip ultra HD camcorder review

The flip digital video camera has quickly emerged to be one of America’s favorites; this handheld device captures videos in 720P quality. This is another pocket digital camcorder that is very user friendly much alike the Sony HD bloggie. However, the biggest difference is the overall video quality that the flip offers. This is great for those who love to post videos to YouTube, Facebook, and MySpace. You can start capturing video as soon as you click the power on. The flip ultra HD camcorder is sold at an extremely affordable price. It comes with software that allows you to share your images with your friends. That is just crazy! The flip is definitely one of the top pocket camcorders on the market now.

Positive features- the flip ultra HD camcorder

• online publishing software

• 8 GB of built-in memory

• high-resolution HD video

• 2 inch glare free color LCD screen

• sharing software

• extremely simple

• records up to two hours

• no memory card needed

Conclusion Flip ultra HD camcorder-

This innovative technology is by far the best if not the best pocket camcorder that can be found anywhere. It does not get any better than this one.

The Flip Ultra HD camcorder gets a review score of 10/10

Kodak ZI8 Pocket Video HD Camcorder review

The Kodak Z18 pocket video camcorder has very it sure did every features is pule integrated technology that records high definition video in 1080P. Much like the flip, this is another great digital device that can be used to upload footage to YouTube with special USB software. This joker is packing an expandable 32 GB SD chip. In addition to that and has a vibrant 2.5 inch screen with image stabilization, with this built-in feature will be sharper. This is the camcorder small enough to fit in your pocket but you would never want to keep it there. This compatible with PC and Mac, it is compatible with iTunes and it is all that and a bag of chips because you can record up to 10 hours of HD video. It is HDMI compatible, so you can blow it up on the big screen anytime you want. This is another pocket camcorder that is amongst some of the finest recording devices in the world. This would be a Christmas gift there would never be forgotten.

Positive features -Kodak Z18 pocket video camcorder-

• record videos in 1080P HD

• built-in image stabilizer

• Facebook and YouTube software

• records over 10 hours of HD video

• top-of-the-line audio features

• 32 GB SD card

• other types of sharing software

Conclusion-Kodak Z. 18 pocket video camcorder

This is like the Mercedes-Benz of camcorders. This is one of the best digital camcorders that is on the market right now. With a ton of features, you could never go wrong with buying this camcorder, especially for the price, which is extremely low.

Kodak Z. 18 video camcorder gets a rating of 10/10

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