The Traits of the Best SLR Camera

Finding the best SLR camera all depends on a lot of different factors. First of all, you need to know all about an SLR camera and what it is. SLR stands for “single-lens reflex” and basically means a camera that uses a mirror that runs semi-automatically to let the person shooting see exactly what the picture they are taking looks like. This is unlike the pre-SLR cameras that only let the people see the light meters, and not the way the photograph looks like when they are taking it. An SLR also has only one source of light, which is the lens, as opposed to the other cameras of the past that had two sources of light.

Finding the best SLR is harder today, seeing as there are more models that are more affordable as well as easier to use. Here are a few tips on how you can choose which would be the best SLR camera for you:

  • Price – there are many different cameras on the market and these range from modest to exorbitant prices. The price that you are willing to pay says a lot about the kind of camera you should buy. Also, this will determine the kinds of other add-ons that you will also purchase, such as various lenses, bigger memory cards, bags, etc. The best SLR is that which fits your budget perfectly.
  • The use – you need to determine what you will be using it for. If you just want to be able to take beautiful photos as a hobby, then there is no need for the professional models. There are many SLRs out there that are really aimed at hobbyists and other non-professional photographers. The best SLR for you will depend on your intended use.
  • Resolution – while there are a lot more that determine what makes an SLR the “best,” the resolution is the most common question that is asked. Getting a camera with more megapixels will require more money and may be able to give you clearer pictures, but remember that the best SLR camera is nothing if you will not even try to learn how to use it properly.
  • Size – as was previously mentioned, there are now more models of SLRs than ever before. The non-professional ones are more likely to be lighter, seeing as the size is smaller. Getting this might be the best SLR choice you can make. But even so, top manufacturers like Canon are now coming out with professional cameras with titanium bodies, so as to assure the user that the user’s wrists are safe and that they will not have to deal with getting too tired before they even finish shooting.

These are just some of the things that you must look for when finding the best SLR camera for you. Remember, there are many advantages to switching to an SLR from point-and-shoot cameras. Aside from the superior image quality, there is also the adaptability of the camera, the large ISO range which gives you the option to shoot beautiful photos in dark places, and so much more. Take all of these things into consideration when buying the best SLR camera for you.

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