Choosing the Best SLR Camera For Beginners

Finding the best SLR camera for a beginner can be a challenge. Photography is a fantastic hobby and is one that anyone can take part in. With even a basic camera, you can take photographs you would display with pride. Photography can be for personal enjoyment or can be turned into a profession.

Most people take pictures, even more now that cell phones have cameras. Not as many go beyond seasonal or vacation photography, though. Those that do, however, find that a point-and-shoot camera just does not give them the flexibility to capture photos exactly like they want. But they discover the number of choices in the SLR market can be overwhelming.

When choosing your first SLR camera, digital is the way to go. There are legions of fans of film SLRs, and they are cheaper. But digital SLRs allow the photographer to instantly see the image they’ve taken. That image alone, increases their knowledge of SLR photography fast. You get instant feedback and know immediately if you like the shot. (Or captured the one you intended) And if you didn’t, you can make some adjustments and try again.

Now back to your first digital SLR. There are ton of different options available to choose from. However, popping on down to your local electronic store should be your last step, not your first. a little research is in order to make sure you pick the best SLR camera for you.

A lot of the entry level SLRs are beginner friendly. Some of of them have on-screen guides to help you transition from point-and-shoots to a digital SLR. And most of them have some automatic settings so you could actually treat your SLR as a point-and-shoot. But don’t limit yourself to the automatic settings alone. The whole point of stepping up to a digital SLR camera is to use the custom settings.

So do some research. One thing that might surprise you about SLRs is the feel of the camera. The way that an DSLR camera feels is a lot different to a point and shoot and for some people it can take a little getting used to.

Now that you have an idea of what you’re looking for, head down to your local electronic store and check out the feel. Notice how the camera fits in your hand. Pretend you’re taking a photo… hold it like your shooting… transfer it from hand to hand… put it down then pick it back up. You may find that one camera just feels better than another.

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